playing again with composertim

I have felt quite happy lately to be playing some shows once again with the amazing Tim Daoust! Working with Tim has been even more interesting this time around, as I'm now able to participate in the instrumental interaction via mandolin in addition to singing. It had been four years since we had played together! And it's been very interesting to recreate some of our live arrangements around mandolin. Tim is such a good (multi-)instrumentalist, in addition to being a versatile composer, and it's a real delight to work with him because my own imagination flows between many genres.

He has recently taken to giving me a certain "look" while playing some little melody line from the recorded version that we haven't yet worked into the live arrangement, and I know that means - how about you play this one? Most of these are parts that I had originally written on keyboards ("hooks", if you will... so I guess Tim's been giving me "hook looks" lol); it definitely pushes me to improve my picking on the mando and it's fun trying to work some more of those lines into our live versions now, since they are also part of the song to me.

Tim also has a beautiful new 12-string Guild guitar, which means that between the two of us we are dealing with 24 + 16 = 40 strings (or 56 strings really, since I have two mandos to string)... that's just including the instruments that we use most often. As a restringing newbie... it helps to have someone to watch :)

from Halloween week... yep I'm playing 3 things on one song :) accompanied by the sometimes headless Creature

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