first big NYC gig

What an amazing night we had for our album release at Drom. This was the first time that I have played in a larger club, so it was a learning experience but I was so happy with almost everything. The people at Drom were great to work with, and it was fantastic to be there with such stellar musicians and friends. It really meant a lot to me that so many of you came up afterwards to say how much you enjoyed the show. As soon as it was over, all I could think about was doing it again as soon as possible!

And I finally have some video from the night. The sound quality is not the greatest, it's just from the cameras, but maybe a little better than cell phone audio!

Here is probably my favorite one of the night. My friends the Beards were serving up such a tasty groove that I could not help dancing.

On Badful B, Tony's frame drum definitely helped to conjure the faeries... I imagine they must use a few drums when magicking the child away.

Of the new songs I think that William probably fared the best. We used a mandolin for the part that's played by flutes on the album.

We played other songs that rocked out more, but the audio isn't great on those so I'm going to hold off posting them for now.

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