new dreams, new streams

It feels like such a relief that at last some vaccines are starting to roll out... in the meantime I hope that you're well and staying safe! If you're looking for fun things to do from home, my new livestreaming schedule is posted above so come hang out... I'd love to "see" you there :) For now I'm playing on Saturdays at 1pm EST on both YouTube and Facebook (at the same time) and three times a week on Twitch. You can watch and listen even if you're not logged in, although you do need to log in to comment, request songs etc. -- which is a big part of the fun! It's free to listen; tips always appreciated but never required :) I'm just getting started on Twitch but I think it's already my favorite -- they have so many super fun ways for performer and audience to interact. Whatever the platform, I hope maybe you'll stop by and say hi sometime soon!

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