Press for Circles of Swallows:

"eclectic, electro-tinged earth-child folk fantasias.... James sets bold, mystical lyrics to clattering bits of percussion and off-kilter keyboard  programming, turning coffeehouse-chanteuse tropes inside out."
(M Music and Musicians magazine) read full review

"like taking a swim in a pond of swirling ambient, mesmerizing melodies and eclectic instruments"
(Baxter Labatos - Sphere Music) read full review


Press for Lovefeast:

"Kate Bush/Tori Amos feel with an exotic Middle Eastern twist... a sumptuous affair."
(a. d. amorosi - Philadelphia City Paper)

"A host of multicultural influences come into play.... hauntingly embracing.... You can almost feel a physical expression
manifested in the turn of an instrument or a percussive rhythm."
(Carol Shutzbank - Big Shout)

"Full of the artful and ethereal sounds found on... albums ranging from those of Kate Bush to the Waterlillies', James'
strength is drawn from her deft ability to create an inspired mood through her use of exotic rhythms and instruments."
(CMJ Certain Damage)

"When it's at its best, this disc takes some adventurous chances that rival the work of anyone working in these occasionally
treacherous musical areas."
(Frank Blank - Philadelphia City Paper)

"[Kate] Bush's theatrical, Olde English-balladry style is a sometime inspiration... but so too are the tribal world beat percussive paens of Peter Gabriel and David Byrne."
(Jonathan Takiff - Philadelphia Daily News)

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