Busking fall 2017

been busking <3

Looking back over 2017, some of my most wonderful moments last year occurred during my first ever times busking. Right now it's January, and my fingers don't cooperate well when it's cold outside -- & it's not so great for the mandolin either. I've hardly…

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playing again with composertim

I have felt quite happy lately to be playing some shows once again with the amazing Tim Daoust! Working with Tim has been even more interesting this time around, as I'm now able to participate in the instrumental interaction via…

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Moon Goddess flies twice around the Sun

It's been two years now that I've had the great joy of working with three wonderful female musicians/singer-songwriters as the collective Moon Goddess band... bringing our superpowers together! We all still play our own "solo artist" gigs too, though we do sometimes…

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Rallyforstandingrock 9 9 16

mni wiconi

As you may have noticed, most of my work is inspired by the intersection of Spirit and Nature. I feel tremendously moved by the courageous and peaceful Native American water protectors who are currently opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline and…

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