thanks for the spins! radio roll call

I am so grateful to the following radio stations who have been spinning the new album. If any of them are near you, let me know if you have heard it playing ;) Big thanks to Peter Hay and Sali Z of Twin Vision for helping Circles of Swallows to fly far and wide!

KMUD - Redway, CA
KCSS - Turlock, CA
KDNK - Carbondale, CO
KVNF - Paonia, CO
WPKN - Bridgeport, CT
WESU - Middletown, CT
WWUH - West Hartford, CT
WNHU - West Haven, CT
WMNF - Tampa, FL
KKCR - Hanalei, HI
KTUH - Honolulu, HI
KWLC - Decorah, IA
WEFT - Champaign, IL
WRFL - Lexington, KY
KRVS - Lafayette, LA
WMUA - Amherst, MA
WTCC - Springfield, MA
WERU - E. Orland, ME
WHFR - Dearborn, MI
KFAI - Minneapolis, MN
KOPN - Columbia, MO
KDHX - St. Louis, MO
WLFR - Galloway, NJ
WRRC - Lawrenceville, NJ
WPRB - Princeton, NJ
CHMR - St. John's, NL, Canada
M3 RADIO - New York, NY
WRUR - Rochester, NY
WRPI - Troy, NY
WRUW - Cleveland, OH
WWSU - Dayton, OH
KRSC - Claremore, OK
CFMU - Hamilton, ON , Canada
WXPN - Philadelphia, PA
WSBF - Clemson, SC
KPFT - Houston, TX
Aggie Radio - Logan, UT
KZMU - Moab, UT
KAOS - Olympia, WA
WOJB - Hayward, WI
WORT - Madison, WI

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